Membrane Confined Electrophoresis (MCE™) Products Overview

“The gold standard for charge measurement”

The Spin Analytical MCE™ uses first principle techniques to measure effective charge (z*) and real time electrophoretic mobility (u) of macromolecules in solution. It is a fast, accurate and sensitive analytical instrument. The effective charge is measured without comparison to standards or the need for secondary parameter determination.

SSE Graphc
SSE Graphc

The charge of a molecule is an essential property that is inevitably linked to its structure, solubility, stability and interactions. The MCE™ allows for charge measurements to be directly measured in a variety of conditions. This allows the study of interactions with other molecules whether they may be ionic (i.e. drug-DNA) or molecular (i.e. protein-protein). Buffers are changed easily and without disruption of the sample, thus charge related structural and functional properties of the macromolecules can be analyzed.