Mission Statement

Spin Analytical is committed to developing and providing innovative products. We value our customer relations. Customer feedback has allowed us to continually improve our products and provide high quality support to the scientific research community.


Spin Analytical, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Dr. Thomas M. Laue and J. Brett Austin for the purpose of developing the next generation of analytical ultracentrifuge.

Spin Analytical, Inc. manufactures precision instruments, tools and accessories for the biochemistry, biology, polymer, and pharmaceutical industries. Our instruments and components are used to measure the size, shape and electrostatic charge of molecules. These fundamental properties are required during the development of new pharmaceuticals and polymers, as well as used routinely in the QA/QC of existing products. Biochemists, molecular biologists and cell biologists are increasingly measuring these properties as part of the basic research into how living systems function.

Spin Analytical has fewer than 10 employees and is located in an 8500 sq. ft manufacturing facility in southern Maine. Any customers wishing to visit us and tour our facility are welcome; we only ask to please call ahead.

Our People

J. Brett Austin, President Thomas M. Laue, Chief Scientific Officer